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Small Aquaponics System- Product Review

Are you looking for a small Aquaponics system?  If you are in a small apartment, wanting to get your toes wet before plunging into this cool gardening concept, or need a science project for your children to participate in, you are in luck.  There are several small Aquaponics system kits available.  Here I discuss the pros and cons of each system and when each one would be best used.

JrPonics FishGarden & BubbleGarden

What is it?  This is a small Aquaponics system kit marketed for children but great for adults as well.  This small starter kit includes a tank, two grow nets, the pump and even seeds.  It includes everything you need to get started, except for the fish.

Cons: This tank is very small, sized for one beta, two tiny frogs or a goldfish.  This tank is all plastic and could easily crack if you are rough during set up. There are only two spots to grow plants.

Pros:  This tank is inviting, well presented and easy to build. Customer service is excellent and the company replaces broken parts easily and without fuss. Two seed packets are included, which makes for a great time watching plants grow right from the start. This sets easily on a windowsill, dresser or other spot with moderate sunlight.

This product is best for: school science projects, a curious child who would like something fun to interact with

What is it?  Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit
This small Aquaponics system fits nicely on a counter top.  Designed as a hydroponic system, it does not allow room for a fish.  Its seed pods are designed nicely so you can have immediate growth.  This kit includes everything you need to get started.

Cons: This unit is mostly unserviceable so trying to tinker with it to make improvements or fixes isn’t possible.  This kit is about 16″x10″x15″ so it will not fit on a window sill or a bookshelf. This system would probably not be ideal for a desk top conversation piece.

Pros: This kit is easily placed anywhere in your house, even somewhere without access to the sun because it comes with an LED grow light.  Designed to mimic the sun, you get ultimate results because of the light.  If you want the food but don’t care about watching the plants grow, place the system in your basement or in a closet, completely out of the way.

This product has high ratings from a moderate to large number of customer reviews.

This product is best for: maximized production, low maintainance

Back to the Roots AquaFarm v2

What is it? This small Aquaponics system has a footprint of about one square foot.  The kit comes with the tank, pump, beta fish food and seeds.  It also includes a discount coupon for a beta fish.

Cons: This product seems to be in development as they are including new updates to their systems regularly.

Pros: This small aquaponics system is designed for a 360degree view of the fish and plants.  It would act perfectly as a desktop conversation piece.  The customer service is excellent, providing new parts for warped or broken pieces with little hassle.  It also easily holds one beautiful fish and several tiny snails.

This product has moderately high reviews from a large number of customer reviews.

This product is best for: desktop conversation piece, several grow trays to allow several different seeds to germinate and grow.  

My First Lab Fish Habitat
What is it?  This small Aquaponics system is very small, measuring only about 8 inches around, 6 inches high. There is a spot for only one plant and does not include a pump.  Roots dangle into the water to grow.

Cons: This tank is truly a beginner set.  You can eventually harvest some herbs but this set is geared toward a “show and tell” type set up.

Pros: This tank is perfect for setting up a system for children. It does not employ a pump so it is also perfect for a desktop as it needs no cords or outlets.  It is very inexpensive so it is a perfect way to give kids a science experiment or to offer your treasured beta fish a nice habitat.

This product has high reviews from a very low number of customer reviews.

This product is best for: desk top conversation piece, science experiments for children



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  1. July 25, 2016    

    I like aquaponics because we can grow organic vegetables and fish in one system at home.
    I also like small aquaponics.Thanks for giving better information.

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