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Small Aquaponics DIY System

SSmall Aquaponics DIYmall Aquaponics systems are very valuable in growing a diverse system.  These small Aquaponics systems are easily moved, easily expanded, and can be replaced for very little money if the need arises.

This system was created by Kamille, a mother of 4 who loves gardening. She loves the idea of aquaponics and wants to get her feet wet without the financial commitment. In her experimenting she created this easy set up, supplementing her dirt garden with  strawberries, cucumbers and cantaloupe.


2 large plastic totes with lids

12 net pots

2 air pumps

Grow Media (check out our review of popular grow media here)


Utility Knife


To Create this system:

In each lid, cut 6 holes, just smaller than the size of your net pots. Use the top of the net pot to trace a circle and then cut a pinky finger width inside that line.  If you cut it too small it can always be widened slightly. The goal is to have the pot be held securely by the lid and not to let it slip through at all.

Small Aquaponics DIY 30 Days

This is her system with 30 days of growth!

After cutting your holes, create a small hole, large enough for your air pump hose to fit inside.  Put grow medium and your plants in your net pots.  To use this system, it is best to use starts rather than starting from seeds.

Fill your plastic totes just to the level of your net pots.  You want to encourage the roots to grow down toward the water without sitting in water continuously. Place your fish in your tote but remember that this size of tote does not require very many fish (1 koi, 2 gold fish).  If you put too many fish in then they will start eating your plant roots.  You then need one air pump for each tote placed at the very bottom of the tank.  This will help keep the fish healthy as well as moving some of its waste up for easier access by the plants.

Don’t forget to continue feeding your fish!

If you create this small Aquaponics system or modify it, send me pictures and let me know! I’d love to see what you create!


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