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Oh Ye Of Little Faith and If you Teach A Man To Fish

My garden is growing!  I just have to show you. We planted the seeds less than two weeks ago, on March 19.  I was ecstatic when our lettuce popped up because the seeds are so tiny that once they are planted, you can’t see them.  So I was worried they’d gotten washed into the water and out of the bed and we wouldn’t have any lettuce.

Then I was concerned for all my edamame, beans and peas because the few I could see were starting to mold or just not growing very well.  And my corn?  Whew.  I couldn’t even find any of those seeds once I planted them.

PeaPlantsI spent the last 10 days worrying that all our seeds would go bad and that we would have to start all over again and we would have wasted 2 or more weeks of growing time.

Over the weekend though my patience was rewarded because I started to see a few corn stalks burst out of the rocks.  And then I saw a few pea plants.  And then careful digging unearthed several of the bush beans and many many edamame plants!

I think I did learn one thing though- a lot of the vining type plants that we planted (beans, edamame) were struggling to push above the rock with their big top leaves.  When I started moving rock around looking for them I suddenly found several that were doing their best to grow and their tops were kinda scrunched down.  I carefully moved the top rock and the next day I saw them stretched up toward the sun!

I loved seeing all those beautiful plants growing.  I get so excited, thinking that those 20 pea plants are going to give my family and I a few meals and that our corn is going to be amazing once its boiled and slathered with butter- and maybe even dried into popcorn?  I got giddy seeing the first bell pepper starting to grow and our tomatoes getting bigger already (we have three!).  A garden is such a beautiful thing.

And I can reflect on all the analogies of growth, patience, faith, master gardener, and many more.  My garden is going to be a sight to behold in a few weeks as each of these tiny plants burst forth with much more greenery.  I can’t wait!

Aquaponics Tilapia FingerlingsAs well as our garden sprouting, we got fish!  We called our local EcoGro-Aquaponics store to inquire on the status of the fish delivery and we were told they had just sat down to start calling their waiting list.  We booked it over there, collecting all 100 fish, within the hour.  We bought 50 1 inch fish and 50 2-3 inch fish.  Its good to stagger the fish like this because it will allow two harvest times.  Is it bad that I’m already thinking of breading those fish or eating them with lemon juice and parsley (that we’ve grown in the garden, of course!)?  Mmmm…

You know what the greatest feeling is in all of this? That we are becoming more self sufficient.  We are collecting eggs to both eat and sell every day, we are growing fish to eat and vegetables to eat and possibly trade, and we are learning some skills that will enable us to do even more in the future!  This is a good life.

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