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Liquid Seaweed-Product Review

Liquid Seaweed is touted by professional gardeners as the reason their plants are so healthy.  Frequently, people who live by the sea will get kelp and other seaweeds off the beach and bury them in their garden.  Seaweed naturally has a lot of vitamins and minerals and will decompose quickly, giving your garden a boost of health that it needs. Because most of the people in the world do not live near the ocean, the liquid seaweed was created- a seaweed product that is blended to create a very strong fertilizer.  All liquid seaweed products are going to help your plants tremendously but there are slight variations in the products.

Here I review a few different liquid seaweed products and highlight when to use it.

What is it?Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed Qt

This liquid seaweed product is made specifically from Ascophyllum Nodosum, a leafy, olive green seaweed. It is farmed sustainably.

When do I use it?  You would use this when you see your leaves turning yellow. Pour in the appropriate amount of this fertilizer and your plants will go back to their healthy green in no time!

This product has high user ratings from a large number of customer reviews.

This product is best for: lower cost, adding iron

What is it? Neptune’s Harvest Organic Hydrolized Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 36 0z.  This product is a blend of fish hydrolysate as well as the seaweed. The product claims that it can help build the natural sugar in fruits and improves the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

When do I use it? Because it has the fish hydrolysate included, this product would be a good use for the very first application of your aquaponics system, before adding fish.

This product has high user ratings from a moderate to large number of customer reviews

This product is best for: anyone interested in supporting sustainable fish farming, someone starting their system before adding fish

What is it? Liquid Kelp Organic Seaweed Fertilizer 1 Gallon.   This product specifically uses Kelp as its seaweed base.  This product claims to retard the aging process of plants, allowing for a longer production season and better performance.

When do I use it? Use this product when starting seedlings before transferring to your garden.  If diluted correctly this product can be sprayed directly on your plants.

This product has high ratings but a moderate to small number of customer reviews.

This product is best for: supplementing your garden’s nutrients, lower cost

What is it? Medina Liquid Seaweed Gallon.  This product is similar to the Maxicrop but it does not have iron added in.  The product claims to stimulate fruiting and root growth.

When do I use it? Use this monthly as an aid to your garden’s nutrient levels.  Depending on the concentration, adding it every 4-6 weeks is advised.

This product has high ratings but very few customer reviews.

This product is best for: supplementing your garden’s nutrients
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