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Feeding Aquaponics Tilapia

Video: Feeding Aquaponics Tilapia

My kids love helping in the garden.  Since their hands are pretty small, sometimes helping harvest the food can be more of a frustration than a help so we frequently let them feed the fish.  They love it! Watch as my oldest feeds the fish and I give a few pointers.


One of the benefits of our Aquaponics system is getting to feed the fish.

(Aside: “Alright, let me see how much you got. Okay, go ahead and throw that in there.”

“All of it?”


The fish are just now getting conditioned to eat the food even though we are watching them.  When they get a little bigger they’ll get so excited they’ll even splash getting their food.

Alright, throw the food into this one! This is our second tank.  The first tank I showed you had the 2-3 in fish and this tank has some 1-2 inch fish. I don’t know if you can see them yet. Oh, they are all the way on the other side of the tank.  There they are.  She just threw in the fish food so they are swarming on the other side. These ones are a little more shy so I don’t know if we’ll actually get a look at them eating.

These fish, this is the first tank again, have eaten quite a bit of the food and are going to take a break.  Usually you leave the food in there for 5-10 minutes and let them see how much they are going to eat in 5-10 minutes. And if they leave a significant amount in there you need to fish it back out so the food doesn’t become waste and gunk up your system.


If you are interested in what fish can go in your system, check out our post on the Best Fish For Aquaponics Systems.

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