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DIY Aquaponics Systems

Are you trying to figure out how to build an Aquaponics system? DIY Aquaponics Systems can range from easy to complicated but are always a lot simpler to get started than you’d imagine!

When you start looking into DIY Aquaponics systems, there are a lot of different ways you can get started.  Here I will highlight several systems that span the range of complications and offer their pros and cons.

1.  Table Top DIY Aquaponics Systems- Growing Herbs Inside

RobertAquaponics1.jpgThis table top system was developed by Robert, an up and coming Ebay Seller who has only a little bit of time to focus on a system.

The pros of this system are that it is simple to establish, provides a great conversation piece and supplements your diet with fresh herbs and even lettuce.

The cons of this system are that it isn’t really going to give you any self sufficiency.  This is for the hobbyist, not someone who is looking to produce quantities of food for their family.

Follow this link to see how he set up his system!


2. Small Aquaponics Patio System

Small Aquaponics DIY 30 Days

This small DIY Aquaponics system was created by Kamille. She is a mother of 4 and loves to garden.  She chose to try out this DIY Aquaponics system to see how it works and to supplement her dirt garden with cucumbers, strawberries and canteloupe.

This system would be ideal for small patios and is very inexpensive to put together.  Watching the plants grow is easy and fun and if you ever needed to, transplanting these plants would be very simple.

The cons of this system is that it does not cycle the water but relies on the roots growing toward the water.  This system will need to be cleaned of fish waste every once in a while to prevent build up that could be toxic for the fish.

Follow this link to see how she set up her system! 


3.  Vertical DIY Aquaponics Systems

Vertical DIY Aquaponics SystemThis outdoor system was created by Richard and Foresta, both well-educated individuals who are nearing retirement age.

The pros of the vertical DIY Aquaponics systems are that they take up relatively small amounts of space in comparison to other outdoor systems and it minimizes the requirement for grow media.

The cons of this system are that you need a little bit more know-how to create the frame and the PVC set up.  It also requires a few more power tools than the previous systems.

Follow this link to see how they set up their system!


4.  Outdoor DIY Aquaponics Systems

Large Home Aquaponics System GrowingThis outdoor system was created by Britta and Matthew (owners of this site).  We are a military family, homeschooling, and trying to create a mini-homestead. This garden is a perfect addition.

The pros of this system are that it allows a large amount of growing space.  It is also sizable, in that you can have only one grow bed all the way up to 8 grow beds, depending on your space and needs.  It is also a very sturdy system that will last for a long time.

The cons of this system is that it is fairly permanent.  Moving a system of this size is difficult.  It also takes up a large footprint, which could be difficult for many families.

Follow this link to see how we set up our system!


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