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Are you a beginner, looking for some Aquaponics Tips as you start?  One Aquaponics Tip that I am excited to share with you is regarding leaks because of uneven pipes.  Check out the video!



So today I wanted to show you a little tip/ trick with my Aquaponics system.

So here, I actually am going to back out a little bit, I have my fish tank here and this is my lettuce bed.  The pipes, it’s a gravity flow so the water goes from this tank and it just flows from this tube, from this PVC pipe, and into the lettuce bed.

Well when it was plumbed there was some issues with leveling and we weren’t able to get the pipe completely level.  And the problem with that was that the water was dripping from here back and when it hit the tarp here it would go straight down. Well that’s wasting a lot of water.  It wasn’t all the water but it was enough of a drip that it was wasting water.

So what we ended up doing is we tied this zip tie right here onto the pipe.  You can actually see right here we actually tried to pull it down with some string and it wasn’t being as efficient as we wanted it to.  So we ended up tying the zip tie onto it.

And what that does is it’s a conduit to allow the water to go from there and straight down the zip tie. It then drips down into the grow bed and we are not losing any of the water from the fish tank.

Which I was hoping that would be a helpful tip or trick  for someone starting out a system because I know that those little leaks can be frustrating and eventually they add up. So let me know if that trick helped you in the comments, thanks!

If you are still in the building stage, take a look at our informational posts about How to Cut an IBC and How to Plumb an Aquaponics System.

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