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Aquaponics Systems For Sale

I am a huge proponent of DIY Aquaponic Systems but I do know that, sometimes, buying a full system is not just easier it is smarter.

Why would you want a full system?  Some reasons could be:

  • limited access to DIY supplies
  • you needed the system yesterday
  • you love the idea of gardening but building the system holds little interest
  • you are not physically capable of assembling a system

I would like to introduce you to a company I am affiliated with.  They have great products and they have superior customer service.  They have been in business for several years, becoming one of the top Aquaponic Retailers in the world!

The Aquaponic Source

The Aquaponic SourceThis company has such a wide variety of goodies that you could easily get lost in their systems for hours.  My favorite system, one that closely mirrors my own, is the Aquabundance Modular Bountiful 7 Bed Aquaponics System.  This system can be sized from 2 beds all the way to 8 beds, easily holding 40-60 edible fish.

They also have a page dedicated to helping you figure out which system would be best for your specific greenhouse, which is ideal if you are in a colder climate!  They specialize in systems for urban living  as well as table top systems and they have a whole section of their site dedicated to helping schools build their own systems!



Aquaponics Systems for SaleMy top most wanted system on their site is the Aquadesigner Tranquility Yon Living Fountain.  I love the sound of flowing water and combining that with growing herbs and having pet fish?  I love love love this fountain!







*Because I am an affiliate with this company, any products you purchase through them after going through my site will earn my site a commission.  This will not increase the cost of your product but will help contribute to my scholarship fund which will help get Aquaponics to more people!


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