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Aquaponics Lettuce Growth Is Amazing

One thing that is so cool about aquaponics is that the growth is amazing, compared to regular dirt gardens.  We planted our garden three weeks ago and you wouldn’t believe the growth we’ve seen!

Here is our Aquaponics lettuce:

Lettuce Growth Day 10 Day 21

This is a side by side, showing the growth of our lettuce at 10 days and at 21 days. These beautiful leaves will be ready to eat in only a few more weeks!

Aquaponics Bell Peppers Growth Day 1 Day 28
We bought the pepper plants already growing so their growth comparison might not be as shocking, but in the 3 weeks we’ve had them, they have chosen to start setting fruit! There are several buds on this plant. (You can also see the edemame in the background!)

Aquaponics Garden Bush Beans Growth Day 21
 Our bean plants are starting to grow really tall as well.  We have already harvested a small handful of strawberries and we have 5 tomatoes growing.  Our corn is pretty staggered in its growth but the tallest plants are about 5 inches tall already.

Aquaponics is such an amazing way to garden.  I’ve already touted the benefits of using less water overall and now you can see that aquaponics helps grow food faster as well.  There are a lot of companies who are turning to hydroponics or aquaponics as a way of feeding large groups of people for much less cost and much higher efficiency.  Typically they stick with leafy vegetables because they grow the fastest in these system, but I’m sure we will be seeing a greater variety of produce being grown commercially through aquaponics and hydroponics.  My local Costco stocks an amazing lettuce that I could eat all day, every day, that is grown hydroponically.  When I buy it, I like to think I’m promoting something I really believe in!

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