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Aquaponic Greenhouse-Product Review

When I sat down to write this review for an Aquaponic greenhouse, I knew I was going to come across some issues. The biggest issue is that Aquaponic greenhouses can be expensive! What I decided to do was to review several smaller products and give you an idea how you can make it work for your system.  Be warned that a full kit to create an Aquaponic greenhouse is going to cost more than DIY options, but they typically are faster and easier for individuals who don’t have the expertise to build one.

The first option is the OGrow Deluxe Walk-In .  This greenhouse has 6 shelves with the bottom two sitting on the ground.  This Aquaponic greenhouse would be perfect for sitting on a sheltered patio or, if it is anchored, a sunny spot in the yard (measures about 4.5ft x 2.5ft).  The best way to use this system would be to purchase a glass fish tank (about 20 gallons, depending on exact dimensions of the tank) and placing it on the bottom shelf.  Use a pump that is rated for vertical lift of 6 feet and then use tubing to snake the water to the four upper shelves.  The other shelf on the bottom could also be used as a grow bed but you will need to lift the grow bed up higher than ground level in order to allow the grow bed to drain back into the fish tank.

This greenhouse will help you grow 4-5 trays of food clear through the winter months!

This Aquaponic greenhouse has a fairly high rating from a low to moderate number of customer reviews.

The next option, New Hot Green House, is a larger set up, measuring 12 foot by 7 foot!  This system does not come with shelving so is perfect for placing over already existing grow beds or for starting your system during the winter!  The best option for this green house is to place your fish tank in the back with room enough to maneuver for feeding and maintaining.  Then  you can place your grow beds in any set up you want.  This greenhouse is 7 feet tall so would work well for vertical gardening (strawberry towers!) or placing shelving for your grow beds.

With a 7 foot width, you can place two rows of grow beds along the sides, giving you space for at least four large grow beds, more if you plant vertically!

This Aquaponic greenhouse has a fairly high rating from a low to moderate number of customer reviews.

This next option, Palram Nature Series Mythos Hobby Greenhouse, is a lot more of a permanent option.  Featuring aluminum framing, poly-carbonate paneling, rain gutters, and well placed ventilation, this system is great for year round gardening.  This Aquaponic greenhouse does not come with shelving so you can make it your own as soon as you set it up.  Placing a fish tank in any spot of the Aquaponic Greenhouse will keep the water nice and warm and you can either build shelving, bring shelving in, or set your grow beds on the ground.  This unit is more square meaning that you need to use the space efficiently.

You can easily have 4 grow beds in this set up, even more if you take advantage of vertical height!

This Aquaponic greenhouse has a moderate rating from a low to moderate number of customer reviews.

Our last option is a very small green house. The Quictent® New Mini Greenhouseis a small green house that can be assembled right over top of small patio gardens, or even used to enclose just the fish tank portion of your Aquaponic system in order to keep the fish warmer through fall and winter months.  This Aquaponic greenhouse is not permanent and you can’t walk into it, but it has easy access to the plants through zippers at the top of the plastic.

This Aquaponic Greenhouse has a fairly high rating from a low number of customer reviews.

Whichever Aquaponic Greenhouse you choose, remember that you’ll need to hand pollinate any flowers that come up and that you will have to make sure you’ve staked down your Aquaponic Greenhouse so you don’t end up losing it if a strong wind comes along.

If you are living in a place that requires a greenhouse to plant most of the year, check out our guide to the best fish for Aquaponics systems to find a fish that is good in colder waters.

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