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5 Benefits of Aquaponics Systems

5-Benefits-of-Aquaponics Systems1.  You get larger harvests because plants don’t complete for nutrients in soil

  • Planting guides can be almost thrown out the window when you start working with Aquaponics.  Because the plants don’t have to compete for nutrients and water, as they do in traditional gardens, they can be planted closer together!  More plants mean a larger harvest.
  • Also, when your plants get all the nutrients they need they are able to start producing their fruit sooner, faster and longer than traditional plants.

Plus- you can harvest both the vegetables that grow as well as the fish they use to grow the vegetables!

  • If you choose to do so, you can add fish to your system that you can eventually harvest and eat!  This system can provide a family with both the fruits and vegetables as well as the protein that it needs to live off of! 

2.  Uses no chemicals to fertilize

  • Your fish provide almost everything a plant could hope for as a fertilizer.

Which means: Completely organic vegetables!

  • Because of the perfect fertilizers and your usage of water, you can grow completely organic fruits and vegetables for far less than you can buy them.  And you can achieve a higher yield of your organic food than you would in a traditional garden

3.  Uses less water than traditional farming

  • Studies suggest that Aquaponics use only a fraction of water that traditional dirt gardens use! This is especially helpful in areas experiencing drought

4.  Plants aren’t susceptible to soil based diseases

  • Have you heard that you aren’t supposed to plant tomatoes and potatoes and other crops in the same place each year?  Well, water in the Aquaponics system does not harbor the diseases that can be found in the ground which will negatively affect your plants.  You can plant all sorts of vegetables every year without worrying about contaminating your crop.

5.  Convenience!

  • No Weeds! Aquaponics beds don’t utilize dirt so aren’t susceptible to weeds like dirt gardens are. This can save your back many hours of bending and allows all the precious nutrients in the water to feed your plants and not a random seedling!
  • Raised Beds! With grow beds that can be on the ground all the way up to vertical systems that you’d need a ladder for, your system can be placed at a height that will work well for you!
  • Low Maintainance! A mature system will need no more than observation on a daily basis.  You can spend your time planting, harvesting, or simply enjoying the garden!
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Fit to your needs!Climate in different regions of the world may make it difficult to grow a garden outdoors but with Aquaponics you can grow year round indoors!  Your system can be a fun table top system or it could be large enough to feed your entire family!  Many people are recognizing the benefits of using Aquaponics to commercially grow food for local communities.

The Benefits of Aquaponics are being found out daily by many people just like you!  And scientists and students all over the world are studying Aquaponics to discover just how many benefits of Aquaponics there really are.  Join us and find out how Aquaponics can benefit you and your family!


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  1. January 23, 2017    

    My wife and I recently moved into a new home. We have been wanting to plant a garden. We didn’t realize aquaponic systems were able to use fish waste to fertilize plants naturally. That makes it a very intriguing option for our garden.

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